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Here is the replay of a radio show with Kate Loving Shenk and we got results for 3 people. One for pain, one for Relationships and one for money.

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16 Responses to Ask Doc Anything

  1. Hello,
    I enjoy to follow this audio.
    During the session i can feel your “energy” radiate to your clients, also to me.
    To your success, Doc.
    Thank you.
    Achmad K W

    • results says:


      We usually do these once or twice a month. And we invite everyone to join us.

      To Your Best,
      Doc Houston

  2. chukas okoyejoels says:

    will love to benefit from your programme

  3. chukas okoyejoels says:

    please regularly get in touch via Email

  4. Regina says:

    Happy New Year Doc,

    My question is:
    everything being energy and love being an energy if you have pain associated with love is it possible to loose some of your energy to what ever it is you loved and lost. And if so what can be done to assist you.

  5. Jo Anne Campbell says:

    As always, great to see you! Thank you for your positive energy.

  6. Catherine Gernegliaro says:

    Dear Doc:

    In the not too distant past, I had a good paying job with great benefits (health, stock, 401(k), was able to pay all my bills, give generously, etc., but then I was laid off (in 1998). I have been behind the proverbial eight ball ever since; unable to pay bills, only being able to find jobs with small mom & pop places (with no benefits–I haven’t had health coverage since 2000), laid off for a long period of time from another job, which has severely crippled my credit rating, unable to find a better paying job with a large company because they now check your credit worthiness. Where did all this self-sabotage come from? I can’t seem to get out of my own way to better my situation or accomplish anything worthy.

  7. joao says:


  8. Ellessa says:

    Thank you Doc, I really appreciate you helping so many people. Love you! Ellessa

  9. julirani says:

    I am over weighed and my right ankle is paining very badly. Pl advice

    • DocResults says:

      What are you doing about the weight and the pain in your right ankle? Have you seen your medical doctor about both of these and what do they say?
      To Your Best,
      Dr. Vetter –
      P.S. Have you listened to the recordings on this page?

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